Great Wines and Digestifs

Babić, Dessert Wines and Digestifs

"Babić" wine, produced in the vineyards of Primošten, is a renowned red wine of the highest quality, and a picture featuring Primošten's vineyards is permanently exhibited in the main building of the UN in New York, representing hard human labour through the centuries and struggle with Dalmatian stone.

Alongside indigenous red wine varieties of Babić, Lasina and Plavina, white wine varieties are also cultivated: Debit, Maraština and Pošip, as well as several international varieties of which Merlot stands out as the most fruitful in the area of Drniš.

Prošek is a unique sweet wine made using dried wine grapes and is part of the tradition of Dalmatia. Recent times have seen a rise in production of sparkling wines using indigenous wine varieties.

Although the brandy rakija is known as a great digestive, locally it is mostly served with dried figs as a welcoming aperitif. Locally, rakija is usually made using wine grapes mixed with native herbs and fruit. More notable types include, for example, herb brandy, walnut brandy, jujube brandy and sour cherry brandy.