Food and Wine

Taste traditional dishes, enjoy excellent specialties, indulge in the pleasure of local desserts and let this unforgettable gourmet experience remain in your memory forever!

The gastronomy of Vodice is based on Mediterranean dishes, with a strong influence of Italian and French cuisine. Based on seafood, freshly caught fish, crabs, shellfish, cephalopods, olive oil and vegetables, due to the choice of ingredients, but also the simple way of preparation, this cuisine is considered one of the healthiest. In salads and side dishes, wild edible herbs (fennel, wild onion, periwinkle, dandelion, goat's beard, wild carrot, elbow, chicory, lion's tooth) are often used, as well as those grown on the rocks themselves (petrovac, salicornia).

Although the preparation is simple and the ingredients are easy to digest, an antipasto-style tray, made of salted or marinated fish, vegetables, cheese, Dalmatian prosciutto or bacon, and a piece of bread prepared on the fire, with a glass of intoxicating wine from the immediate coastal region want a break until the main course. Therefore, light liqueurs and brandies are advised as digestifs before meals. The most prized are medicinal liqueurs made of myrtle, cherries, walnuts, roses, carob, and grape brandy and herbs. Apart from restaurants, taverns are a trademark of this gastronomic paradise.

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