Dive into the world of diverse underwater world and explore the mysterious sea depths of some of the best diving destinations in the central Adriatic.

The eastern coast of the Adriatic has been a waterway from East to West since ancient times. This ancient maritime route can still be traced to the remains on land and under the sea. Ancient seafarers and sailors left a system of fortifications over the sea that controlled that waterway, and under the sea - a cemetery of ships that were not lucky enough to reach their destination. Nature, on the other hand, has taken care of all that curiosity, picturesqueness and countless visual attractions provided by the underwater verticals, the natural walls full of life.

Diving centers located in Vodice, will allow you to reconstruct the history of diving on archaeological sites and wrecks of newer ships, these museums in depth, and to experience today's beauty of the underwater gardens of one of the most beautiful and best preserved underwater world.

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